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Sales of new vacation homes in Florida continue to grow at an unprecedented pace. This rapid growth and great need for real estate professionals specializing in this area prompted Orlando New Home Experts to create a team that is laser focused on helping our clients find the right Florida vacation home for the best value.

Whether you are looking for a second home or you have thoughts about purchasing a vacation home that is designed for you to enjoy while on vacation or when you leave, it could also generate rental income. The main key to success when purchasing a vacation home is having a team you can trust to confidently guide you through the process from beginning to end. Our real estate experts have helped many clients, from all over the world, purchase countless vacation homes and generate large incomes.  We can help you too!

Why is Florida the Top Location to Own a Vacation Home?

  • Florida is a top international travel destination; people visit from all over the world
  • A record 97 Million people visited Florida in 2014; Most popular vacation destination in the U.S.
  • Amazing weather; visitors vacation in Florida 365 days a year
  • World class attractions and entertainment like Walt Disney World, Sea World, Legoland, and Universal Studios are accessible all year long
  • Home to some of the highest ranked beaches anywhere in the world
  • International travelers love Central Florida shopping. It’s home to 2 of the top 10 most popular outlet malls in America
  • Vacation home loan interest and property taxes can be deductible. No state income tax.
  • Foreign Nationals can invest in Florida Real Estate to assist with immigration requirements

Why is Florida the Top Location to Own a Vacation Home?

Buy a vacation home and have tourists pay it off!

The Central Florida real estate market is like no other in America. Because of the massive volume of travelers regularly visiting Florida from all over the world, your real estate investment is more likely to steadily appreciate and it’s insulated from the typical up and down swings of a local economy. With 97 million travelers visiting Florida every year, it’s very easy for a property management company to rent your vacation home and generate long term profits year after year.

With the right team, the process is easy

1. Discovery

This is the first step in the process of investing in a vacation home which makes the remaining steps a breeze. We pride ourselves by finding out what you like most about vacationing and what your family’s’ specific needs are. We also discuss your real estate investment goals. This allows us to compile all the necessary information and make the best recommendation for specific builders, communities and floor plans that help you achieve all of your goals.

2. Find the right lender

Whether you’re looking for a simple second home purchase or you’re a foreign national wanting to spend more time in Florida, we know the very best mortgage lenders that specialize in any type of purchase from any nationality.

3. Locate your dream vacation home

One of our experts personally takes you to the communities that fit your needs. Florida is home to every type of lifestyle community you can imagine: resort style with built in waterparks and family recreation, golf front homesites on championship courses, quiet peaceful living with private pools and conservation lots, and compact townhome living for a fast paced lifestyle close to all the attractions and nightlife.

4. Negotiate the price

We complete many transactions just like yours every year. This allows us to always negotiate the best possible price because we already know the maximum amount of concessions that each builder is willing to give up before we even start to negotiate on your behalf. Imagine having one of our experts on your side, it’s the closest you can get to having inside information.

5. Complete the purchase

Our licensed real estate expert will accompany you at closing to verify that all contract conditions have been met and check that all agreed upon figures are accurate.

6. Property management success

Finally, we set our clients up for lasting success by helping to hire the right property manager. Through exhaustive research and experience, we have found the very best property management companies that specialize in Florida vacation home rentals. The right property manager will offer a complete solution and handle every aspect of owning an investment property such as: Sourcing the right tenants, maintaining a high occupancy rate, cleaning after each stay, maintenance and verified accounting of every dollar earned and spent. A great management company will make sure the rental will cover all costs and deliver a healthy return on their investment. Central Florida is one of the few places in America that can offer a very high rate of return on vacation properties because of it’s high occupancy rates and the massive number of tourist travelers. Large families that visit Florida because of all the attractions love renting vacation homes because it saves them so much money over having to rent multiple hotel rooms at expensive resorts.
No more pricey resorts or small hotel rooms for our clients either! Now that you own your very own vacation home in Florida, every vacation you take with your family here will be free. Renting is a thing of the past. How would that change the amount of quality time you could spend with your family on vacation?

As interest rates are beginning to rise, we have noticed that vacation home values have dramatically appreciated over that last few years. This trend appears to be getting even stronger as record numbers of people are visiting Florida to buy real estate. When we talk with our clients who own vacation homes in Florida using our proven system, typically the only regret is that they wish they would have done it sooner! Isn’t it time you enjoyed the good life? Not only will you be able to spend more time with the ones you love most, but it pays for itself and you’ll be building an asset that you can leave to your kids for their future.

New Vacation Homes for Sale in Orlando Florida, Near Disney World

Here are two of the best new vacation home communities we recommend in central florida

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