Cash Back

We put cash back in your hands!

We save you time, money, and stress,

and you don’t have to pay us for it.

When we’re registered as your buyer’s agent and close a deal, the builder pays us a fixed, non-negotiable commission.  Per Florida real estate law, a Realtor’s commission can in no way affect the purchase price of a home.  So, as you can see our help is completely free to you.  In addition to free expert help, we know exactly what to ask for and with the right lender, we can typically negotiate thousands of dollars more that will be credited to you at closing.
Don’t sit down at the table with the builders’ salespeople on your own. You’ll miss out on significant savings, often amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.  THEY REPRESENT THE BUILDER – not you!
When we represent you, we:
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Make sure your getting every incentive
  • Review all contracts and documents
  • Expedite construction and customization
  • Connect you with trustworthy professionals we know
  • Find a lender with the lowest interest rate
We save you lots of time and money, we cut out all the hassle and guesswork, and we pay you cash back at closing.

We think these are pretty compelling reasons to give us a call, and so do countless new-construction home buyers in Central Florida.

All we ask in return is that you tell your friends and family what a great experience it was to work with Orlando New Home Experts.

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Our experience and relationship with Orlando’s top builders will save you thousands of dollars on your home purchase. We have sold hundreds of homes over the poast few years and have built a solid relationship with the builders. Plain & simple we have the best deals in town since we are experts at what we do!

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