Save Money

We save you THOUSANDS on a new home!

We have inside information

To save you tens of thousands of dollars

Yes, we know… Everyone says they’ll save you money. But we can’t stress enough that we actually will.

Because of our large volume of New-Construction sales, we’re able to leverage strong relationships with builders to negotiate much more in buyer incentives than an individual buyer could typically get on their own.  We have a well known record for negotiating huge buyer incentives for our clients.

This simply allows us to save you tens of thousands of dollars on your new home purchase.

Here’s what we know that typical realtor or home buyer does not >

  • The maximum amount of incentives each builder is willing to offer; we also know their absolute “Bottom Line” on each house.
  • When builders are planning to release better offers in the near future to move houses faster
  • If comparable homes nearby are available for less
  • Whether trends and data indicate homes in the community will be a smart investment

The salespeople who represent the builders aren’t going to tell you if there’s a better offer in the competing development down the street or if they’d be willing to knock a little more off the price tag.

But we will. Every new home buyer can benefit from what we know, saving huge sums, without paying us a dime.

Our average client typically SAVES $18,000. We are happy to help you too. Simply contact us before going into a Sales Center or signing a purchase agreement.

*REMEMBER*  As your buyer’s agent our help is always free to you!