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There is a lot to consider when buying investment real estate, but with the right team handling all the intricacies of your transaction, the process is easy because of our varied cultural and professional backgrounds. You will recognize that our team operates at a standard higher than just any Realtor® because we utilize our cross-professional backgrounds to benefit you. We anticipate hurdles, and when they do arise, we are proactive (not reactive) in eliminating them. In many instances, we foresee and raise issues that most clients are not even aware of, and this is a result from our experience.

As such, we created our foreign national/investment team after hearing many typical stories from clients who were looking for guidance beyond just typical Realtor® services. Most Realtors® do very little investment due diligence other than a “comp,” and their clients are suffering unanticipated repercussions.

Imagine buying a property where the vacancy rate went so long that you reluctantly leased way below market rent. Visualize that you had zero liability protection from lawsuits that you could have avoided with the correct insurance policy and entity structure. Most importantly, envision being subject to the 10% FIRPTA tax when selling a house.

We are here to help guide you; we are here to help you avoid uncorrectable issues. That is why it is so important to have the right professional real estate team that understands the complexities of domestic and foreign national investment strategies.

Our team of experts listens to our clients’ specific needs, helps create a strategic real estate plan, and assist in the creation of the proper legal entities long before a property is even purchased. These entire well thought out steps, allow our clients to be worry free and realize the greatest profit in every transaction.

Whether you are looking for a second home or you have thought about purchasing a purpose built vacation home that is designed for you to enjoy while on vacation and when you leave, it generates high (quality) rental income. The main key to success when purchasing a vacation home is having a team you can trust to confidently guide you through the process from beginning to end. Our real estate experts have helped many clients, from all over the world, purchase countless vacation homes and we can help you too.

our team of new home experts will help facilitate every step of your real estate investment

  • Structure your real estate investment portfolio to get the most return on equity
  • Finding properties in the best community locations that will see the highest appreciation and rental income growth
  • Find the best mortgage brokers with very competitive rates with the ability to lend for a traditional sale, real estate investment, or foreign national investment
  • Our legal affiliates evaluate each client’s specific situation and can assist in the creation of legal entities for liability protection and tax savings
  • Our legal affiliates also help our foreign investors avoid heavy taxation in relation to FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980)
  • Our legal affiliates will help with immigration and permanent residency status
  • Expedite the process to get a U.S. government tax ID
  • Help open a required domestic bank account for foreign money wire transfers
  • Translate documents from almost any country and language

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Our experience and relationship with Orlando’s top builders will save you thousands of dollars on your home purchase. We have sold hundreds of homes over the poast few years and have built a solid relationship with the builders. Plain & simple we have the best deals in town since we are experts at what we do!

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