New Home Construction – 10 Good Reasons 

Buying a home is intimidating, in large part because of all the decisions to be made. One fundamental questions is whether you should opt for a used home or a newly built one. While there’s no right answer, there are many compelling reasons to choose new construction. Below are 10 of them, and if they resonate with you, a new-construction home is probably the best way to go.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, new-construction homes are priced comparably to older ones.
  2. They may even be cheaper with builder incentives and help paying closing costs.
  3. You don’t inherit any damage, dirtiness, wear-and-tear, or other problems that develop over time.
  4. There are no extra costs or delays settling into your new house due to repairs or updates.
  5. There are no maintenance issues or costs because everything’s new and you have a warranty.
  6. You provide input regarding customized features and upgrades, so the house truly fits your vision of your dream home.
  7. New homes are far more energy efficient, saving you money and protecting the environment.
  8. They’re also built to higher safety standards in terms of electrical components, hazardous materials, fire safety, and other aspects.
  9. You get access to great amenities and lifestyle programs in a new-home development.
  10. It’s just cool knowing you’re the first one to live in your home.


While you get a lot of peace of mind buying a new-construction home, there’s still quite a bit to know and look into before coming to a final decision. It’s also tricky to determine when you’ve found all the options worth considering, as well as when you have the best deal possible from any builder.

At Orlando New Home Experts, we have these bases covered. We save our clients a lot of time, money, and aggravation, and we don’t even charge them for our services. Explore our site or get in touch to learn exactly how we can place you in your dream new-construction home at a price you never thought possible.

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