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Michael Blank

Michael Blank


With decades of real estate experience, Mike co-leads our residential, commercial and property management teams. Mike also helps guide our investor clients to identify the best performing real estate investments, how to improve their current investments for the highest returns and analyzes the best timing for purchases/sales. Because of Mike’s large volume of purchases with area new home builders, he leverages this influence by negotiating directly with management to get our clients thousands more in buyer incentives.

Jason Sirounis

Jason Sirounis


As a Florida native, and seasoned professional, Jason recognizes and values the confidence clients place in him and strives every day to exceed their expectations. With nearly a decade of real estate experience ranging from residential, property management, investment properties, new construction, and commercial, Jason has the capability to guide you through any real estate transaction.   Jason is the principal broker of FL Pro Brokers (Affiliated with Orlando New Home Experts) and oversees all real estate transactions in the state of Florida.  Jason Sirounis also leads of FL PRO’S Commercial and Investment/Property Management Divisions.

The rest of our expert team

Our team consists of many multi-lingual residential and commercial real estate agents that are standing by to expertly guide you through any real estate transaction. From our humble beginnings came decades of expert real estate knowledge… Orlando New Home Experts started out of necessity when Mike, Jason and DK knew the Real Esate Industry was lacking true professionalism.  It needed real estate experts that through experience, had a wealth of knowledge that was used to help empower their clients to achieve their goals.

We realized the key was to create an organization large enough to develop relationships with all area builders. So, we put together an amazing team that enjoys working together and established relationships with point people at every major Central Florida builder to give us inside information about new developments, demand, growth and appreciation, and the exact timing of the best buyer incentives that would be offered.

Now there is finally an easy, powerful way to find your new home. All of our data, goes into a massive proprietary up-to-the-minute database allowing us to compare and contrast builders, evaluate thousands of offerings in potential communities, and save our clients tens of thousands of dollars by knowing which builders are offering the greatest incentives at any given time.

And by the way — Our services can be completely free to you,  New home builders have already advertised to the realtor community that they will pay a referral fee for bringing them a buyer.  So in other words, our expert knowledge, from building thousands of homes is free to you since the builder has already set aside marketing dollars to pay a Realtor, if you have one or not.  We hope to add you to our long list of happy clients that we’ve helped buy their dream home and save thousands at the same time.  This is what inspires us to work harder every day.

A portion of what we earn is donated directly to children’s charities we work closely with.

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Our experience and relationship with Orlando’s top builders will save you thousands of dollars on your home purchase. We have sold hundreds of homes over the poast few years and have built a solid relationship with the builders. Plain & simple we have the best deals in town since we are experts at what we do!