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Michael Blank

Michael Blank


I’ve been a Central Florida real estate professional since 2003.  With numerous successes in almost every aspect of real estate including commercial, residential, and income generating properties; I consider the team I have built at Orlando New Home Experts, to be the most valuable asset to our clients.  Because of my long term relationships with the Orlando area’s large home builders, we are able to negotiate directly with upper management and get our clients thousands more in buyer incentives.  Also, because my experience building hundreds of homes, I personally guide my clients through their home build process to help avoid any mistakes.  Altogether, this is an invaluable service they can’t find anywhere else.

I have a team of great people who truly care.  Together we’ve helped more families buy their ideal homes than we ever thought possible. Seeing our clients ecstatic about purchasing their dream home at a great price while actually enjoying the process is what drives our team every day.

I’m also thankful our successes allow us to give back. I’ve worked with many charitable organizations in the US and abroad.  My favorite NGO helps kids in Cambodia and Thailand develop their creative skills by providing tools like computers, cameras, and arts education.  My favorite part is traveling to spend time at these schools to see what new skills the children have learned.  Some of these places can be seen in my personal travel photography https://www.jumpingborders.com/

DK Kim

DK Kim


I moved to Orlando in 1990, the tremendous growth and many new home developments made me realize there was great opportunity in Central Florida real estate. After studying marketing, I got involved in many areas of real estate, including investing, buying, selling, and representing US builders abroad. It was educational and I grew my network of industry connections.

In 1999, I met my wife while buying a home. We married in 2003 and have two daughters with whom we enjoy activities like boating and traveling, and we continue to invest in real estate for their futures.

Having bought and sold many homes, I know both sides of the table. Finding the perfect home is an important family milestone, but it’s not easy. In light of my experiences and hearing so many people share horror stories about buying a home, I resolved to improve the experience for my Central Florida neighbors. Orlando New Home Experts is how I accomplish this, applying my knowledge, experience, and industry connections to solving the recurring problems home buyers face.

The rest of our expert team

Our team consists of many multi-lingual residential and commercial real estate agents that are standing by to expertly guide you through any real estate transaction. From our humble beginnings came decades of expert real estate knowledge… Orlando New Home Experts started out of necessity when Mike and DK were both looking for new-construction homes for their families. Because there were so many builders and new communities, the process had become exceptionally challenging. Too many choices made it time-consuming and nearly impossible to find the best homes and incentives.

There had to be a better way than endlessly going from one development to the next with a Realtor that only had limited knowledge of their personal neighborhood. When you thought you found the right model in the right community, how could you be sure one down the street or across town wasn’t a better fit or available with better buyer incentives? The builder’s salesperson sure won’t tell you.

We realized the key was to create an organization large enough to develop relationships with all area builders. So, we put together an amazing team that enjoys working together and established relationships with point people at every major Central Florida builder to give us inside information about new developments, demand, growth and appreciation, and the exact timing of the best buyer incentives that would be offered.

Now there is finally an easy, powerful way to find your new home. Everything we learn goes into a massive proprietary up-to-the-minute database allowing us to compare and contrast builders, evaluate thousands of offerings in potential communities, and save our clients tens of thousands of dollars by knowing which builders are offering the greatest incentives at any given time.

And by the way — Our services can be completely free to you,  You see, new home builders have already advertised to the realtor community that they will pay a referral fee for bringing them a buyer.  So in other words, our expert knowledge, from building thousands of homes is free to you since the builder has already set aside marketing dollars to pay a Realtor, if you have one or not.  We hope to add you to our long list of happy clients that we’ve helped buy their dream home and save thousands at the same time.  This is what inspires us to work harder every day.

A portion of every dollar we earn is donated directly to children’s charities we work closely with.

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Our experience and relationship with Orlando’s top builders will save you thousands of dollars on your home purchase. We have sold hundreds of homes over the poast few years and have built a solid relationship with the builders. Plain & simple we have the best deals in town since we are experts at what we do!

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