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We save you THOUSANDS on a new home!

Sure, Everyone knows a Realtor – You really need a



  • We specialize in both resale homes & New Construction
  • We listen to your exact needs
  • With a deep understanding of the market, we know exactly which neighborhoods are BEST
  • Our EXPERT NEGOTIATION and connections will land your dream home at the best price & terms

Save Time

We discover your most important home needs, analyze everything on the market, remove homes with hidden problems then take you to the few great homes that fit you best.  In a quick phone call with us, we narrow thousands of options down to just a few that fit your specific needs & are the best homes for the money 

Save Money

Our longstanding relationships with new home builders & hundreds of real estate transactions/year with them gives us the unique ability and leverage to negotiate THOUSANDS more in buyer incentives. Our inside information helps our clients land their dream home at the best possible price


As your buyer’s agent, our help is completely FREE TO YOU! We know exactly how to negotiate on your behalf with a Lender/Builder.  We typically negotiate thousands of dollars more to help pay your Closing Costs. If you purchase a new home without our help, you’ll miss out on significant savings

Overwhelmed by so many Home Choices?

There are thousands of new-built home listings on websites such as Zillow, unfortunately many are just ads.  How can you really tell which homes are the best value?

home builders

and growing…

orlando communities

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buyer incentives

more are available…

There is a better way.

We save our clients from wasting their valuable time looking at countless homes! We take the pain out of finding a new home by knowing which homes/communities to focus on & which to avoid.

We share our expert real estate knowledge to help you find the perfect home in a community you will love to live in for years to come!

We are experts at taking into consideration things most people don’t.

  • What future commercial projects, retail, shopping are coming to the area you’re looking in and how that affects your home choice and future home value
  • What types of interests do other buyers have that are moving into specific communities
  • Where are the future planned schools and their rankings/zoning going to be
  • We know if it would be better to buy a used or new home and how to pick the best community, builder, options etc
  • Since we do such a large volume of sales with new construction home builders we can typically negotiate directly with upper management to negotiate much larger buyer incentives than you could as a single home purchaser

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Our experience and relationship with Orlando’s top builders will save you thousands of dollars on your home purchase. We have sold hundreds of homes over the poast few years and have built a solid relationship with the builders. Plain & simple we have the best deals in town since we are experts at what we do!

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